Whether you are an IFR Flight Instructor, Instrument rated private pilot or airline pilot. It is a great idea to track your Flight Plans and Flight Logs in a single place. This Flight Planner / Organizer makes this very easy for you by helping you plan and organize your flight ahead of time and store the essential details such as approach plates for your flight.

The classic IFR Chart Planner / Organizer, "IFR Flight File," is back as Advanced Pilot Product's "IFR Flight Binder." The IFR Chart Planner / Organizer handy reference by AEROPhoenix became a standard for instrument flying and was discontinued in 2020. In collaboration with AEROPhoenix, Advanced Pilot Products has brought this classic chart planner and organizer back!

Features :
  • IFR FLIGHT FILE - This flight planner is constructed from durable plastic that can easily be clipped onto your kneeboard or yoke. It has four handy reference tabs and 16 sheet protectors (4 per section) for storing approach plates, SIDS, STARS, and airport diagrams.
  • STORAGE - 16 sheet protectors (4 per section) for storing NACO or Jeppesen Approach plates, SIDS, STARS, or airport diagrams.
  • DEPARTURE IFR REFERENCE - Information on Currency, Weather, RVR - Miles, VOR Check, and Flight Instrument Taxi Check.
  • DESTINATION IFR REFERENCE - Information on VFR-On-Top Clearance, Position Reports, Maneuvering, and Descent Below DH or MDA.
  • ALTERNATE IFR REFERENCE - Information on WX Requirements for alternates, IFR Altitudes, and Communications Loss.
  • OTHER IFR REFERENCE - Flight Plan form outline, Required IFR Reports, and IFR Minimum Altitudes.